Saturday, May 28, 2011

Law:  Doctors Say They Own Reviews You Post

Sign here, here, here, and here—that's the first thing your doctor's office asks you to do. Chances are, you're not reading the forms too closely. But tucked in there might be a little clause that goes something like this: all your online reviews are belong to us. And if you refuse to sign it, they'll refuse to see you.

Doctors and dentists have started including this language, provided by an organization called Medical Justice, in their releases in an effort to keep negative online reviews from going up on sites like Yelp. But, as Ars Technica found, there are about a million different ways that this is both silly and pointless.

For more, see Doctors Say They Own Your Reviews—A Prescription for Legal High Jinks by Veronique Greenwood, May 24, 2011 at DISCOVER's Gene Suppression.

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