Monday, October 31, 2011

Health:  Alcohol Linked to Better Survival After Heart Attack

Women who drank anywhere from a few alcoholic drinks a month to more than three a week in the year leading up to a heart attack ended up living longer than women who never drank alcohol, according to a study.
"One thing that was interesting was that we didn't see differences among different beverage types," said Joshua Rosenbloom, a student at Harvard Medical School who led the study.
After at least 10 years of follow up, the team found that 44 out of every 100 women who had abstained from alcohol had died, while 25 out of every 100 light drinkers and 18 out of every 100 heavy drinkers had died.
In an earlier study including men and women, O'Keefe found that people who continued to drink moderately after having a heart attack had better health than those who abstained.

"You don't need to assume that people need to stop drinking once they develop heart disease," he said. "The problem is that alcohol is a slippery slope, and while we know that a little bit is good for us, a lot of it is really bad."

For more, see Alcohol Linked to Better Survival After Heart Attack October 28, 2011 at Fox News.

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