Monday, March 5, 2012

Society:  Foxconn "Sweatshops"

By a man who grew up in China ...

My aunt worked several years in what Americans call sweat shops. It was hard work. Long hours, small wage, poor working conditions. Do you know what my aunt did before she worked in one of these factories? She was a prostitute.
The idea of working in a sweat shop compared to that old lifestyle is an improvement, in my opinion. I know that my aunt would rather be exploited by an evil capitalist boss for a couple of dollars than have her body be exploited by several men for pennies.
If Americans truly care about Asian welfare, they would know that shutting down sweat shops would force many of us to return to rural regions and return to truly despicable jobs. And I fear that forcing factories to pay higher wages would mean they hire FEWER workers, not more.

For more, see What Cameras Inside Foxconn Found by David Pogue, February 23, 2012 at Pogue's Posts.

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