Sunday, April 8, 2012

Politics:  Super Pacs, Donors Turn Sights on Judicial Branch

While deep-pocketed super PACs and ultra-wealthy donors have attracted plenty of attention in the presidential contest this year, they are also making waves further down the political food chain. The mere possibility that a rich benefactor or interest group with endless amounts of money could swoop in, write massive checks and remake an entire court for ideological reasons has prompted judges here in Florida and elsewhere to prepare for battles they never expected to fight.
Like judges elsewhere, those in Florida remain rattled by what happened two years ago in Iowa, where three state Supreme Court justices who had upheld a ruling in favor of same-sex marriage lost their jobs after a vitriolic million-dollar campaign to unseat them — money coming almost entirely from outside the state. In the preceding decade, not a single dollar had reportedly been spent on Iowa's high court elections.

Similar but lower-profile efforts have taken place in Alaska, Colorado and Illinois.

For more, see Super Pacs, Donors Turn Sights on Judicial Branch by Brady Dennis, March 29, 2012 at The Washington Post.

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