Thursday, June 21, 2012

Health:  Want to Live Longer? Move to NYC

While life expectancy in many parts of the United States is dropping, it has increased by 10 years in Manhattan since 1987. Researchers largely attribute that rise —- the fastest in the nation —- to a crackdown by the New York City health department on unhealthy behaviors.
The health department has, for example, banned trans fats, prohibited smoking in public spaces and hiked taxes on cigarettes. It has also rolled out hundreds of miles of new bicycle lanes, mandated the use of calorie labels on menus in chain restaurants and plastered posters up in subways with information about the risks of obesity and the benefits of preventive health services.

At the moment the city is considering a partial ban on large servings of sugar-sweetened drinks, which would go into effect next year.

For more, see Want to Live Longer? Move to NYC by Natalie Wolchover, June 14, 2012 at LiveScience.

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