Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fox News:  Fox's Media Bias and Climate Change

Now, a new study from Media Matters (h/t Kate Sheppard) provides some numbers about the kind of biased coverage that produces [misinformed viewers].

Media Matters didn't look directly at scientific statements—instead they looked at the number of guests, across TV news, who were either for or against EPA regulation of greenhouse gases.

Drilling down on Fox in particular:

81% of Fox guests and 83% of Fox Business guests opposed [greenhouse gas] regulation. Fox News hosted 52 guests who criticized the EPA's decision to regulate greenhouse gases. In that same period they featured only 10 supporters and two guests who took a neutral stance. Fox Business hosted opponents 65 times, compared to seven appearances by supporters. MSNBC hosted four times more supporters of EPA's action than opponents, but had far fewer guests commenting on the issue than did Fox.

For more, see Fox's Media Bias and Climate Change by Chris Mooney, June 7, 2011 at The Intersection.

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