Friday, June 3, 2011

Healthcare:  Some Questions for Paul Ryan

Some questions Ezra Klein would like to ask Paul Ryan about his budget proposal:

2) The main cost control in your plan is that seniors will purchase regulated private health insurance on an exchange. But the Medicare Advantage program, in which seniors choose regulated private insurance options on an exchange and receive the savings through increased benefits, has proven more expensive than traditional Medicare. Why will your exchanges achieve such dramatically different results than the Medicare Advantage exchanges?

3) Alice Rivlin, your original coauthor on the premium-support model, believes the exchanges in your plan are functionally identical to those in [Obama's] Affordable Care Act, and that if you believe one will have a dramatic impact on costs, so too should the other. How, specifically, do your exchanges differ from those in the Affordable Care Act?

7) You say government control never works in health care. But other developed countries pay much less than we do and don't appear to suffer from worse outcomes. So what, specifically, is your evidence that the health-care system in the Netherlands, or in France, or in Germany, doesn't work?

For more, see Some Questions for Paul Ryan by Ezra Klein, May 25, 2011 at The Washington Post.

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