Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Government:  New Rules on Airline Fees Take Effect Thursday

More regulations ...

The ticket price touted in airline advertising should be the price you pay under new federal airline regulations intended to save passengers from hidden taxes and fees.
The rules require that airlines include all mandatory taxes and fees in published airfares and that they disclose baggage fees to consumers buying tickets.

Under another rule, passengers now will be able to hold a reservation without payment for 24 hours or cancel a reservation during that period without penalty. Airlines also will be required to notify passengers of delays of more than 30 minutes, as well as flight cancellations and diversions. In most cases, they will be prohibited from increasing the price of passengers' tickets after purchase.

In addition, airlines must disclose baggage fees when passengers book a flight online. Information on baggage fees is required on all e-ticket confirmations.

For more, see New Rules on Airline Fees Take Effect Thursday by Ashley Halsey III, January 23, 2012 at The Washington Post.

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