Sunday, February 19, 2012

Politics:  Moochers Against Welfare

Political scientists who use Congressional votes to measure such things find that the current G.O.P. majority is the most conservative since 1879, which is as far back as their estimates go.
... why do regions that rely on the safety net elect politicians who want to tear it down?
Cornell University's Suzanne Mettler points out that many beneficiaries of government programs seem confused about their own place in the system. She tells us that 44% of Social Security recipients, 43% of those receiving unemployment benefits, and 40% of those on Medicare say that they have not used a government program.
The truth, of course, is that the vast bulk of entitlement spending goes to the elderly, the disabled, and working families, so any significant cuts would have to fall largely on people who believe that they don't use any government program.

For more, see Moochers Against Welfare by Paul Krugman, February 16, 2012 at NYTimes.com.

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