Sunday, November 28, 2010

Security: Another Take on North Korea

In this poll, the alternative actions which the Washington Post provided aren't even close to those of FoxNews at Security: Let's Have Another War?.

Earlier today, the United States condemned the North Korean artillery attack on the South Korean island of Yeongpyeong. Last week, the North Korean government told American experts that it would dismantle one of its nuclear weapons programs if the United States agreed to a pledge of "no hostile intent." In light of these recent events, weigh in on how the U.S. should proceed.

How should the United States engage with North Korea?
Bilateral talks directly with North Korea 21%
Multilateral talks led by China 39%
The U.S. should not engage with North Korea 40%
This is a non-scientific user poll.

From How Should the U.S. Engage with North Korea? by Ryan Kellett, November 28 at 6:30 at The Washington Post.

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