Friday, November 26, 2010

Security: Let's Have Another War?

Results of a reader poll as of November 25 at 9:30AM ...

President Obama described North Korea's attack Tuesday against a small South Korean island as a "provocative" show of force that "needs to be dealt with," but how? You decide.

What Is Best Response to N. Korea?

Send in the military. Such aggression can't be ignored. 46.3% (33,099 votes)
Engage in tough diplomacy with North Korea, with threat of military action. 25.54% (18,254 votes)
Get international community to condemn North Korea and impose sanctions. 13.48% (9,637 votes)
Go slow. North Korea is irrational, and we don't want escalation. 7.63% (5,455 votes)
Other (leave a comment) 4.96% (3,543 votes)
I don't know 2.1% (1,498 votes)
This is not a scientific poll.

From How Should North Korean Attack Be Dealt with? by You Decide, November 23, 2010 at FoxNews.com.

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